Disaster risk reduction from landslides along the M41 road in the Pamir mountain range, Eastern Tajikistan

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The study area is centred on the M41 highway in south-southwest of the Pamir mountain range, southeast Tajikistan. The M41, normally known as the Pamir Highway, is the only major transport route in southern Tajikistan linking the administrative towns of Khorog and Murghab. The study area extending only in southeast Tajikistan for about 150 km from east to west and for 120 km from north to south includes the M41 highway, the Gunt River, Bartang River and Murgab River valley. Because the Pamir range consists of high mountains and deep valley, it is likely to affect from landslide due to erosional valley and might also be triggering by deep tectonic and heavy rainfall that result in closure of the road and diversion of traffic, with significant impact on the region.

Proposal for free access to DLR TanDEM X topographic data.
Effective start/end date30/01/1930/12/20


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