Discovering Digital Me

  • Watt, Carolyn, University of Brighton (CoI)
  • Youngs, Gillian (PI)
  • Tsatsou, Panayiota (CoI)

Project Details


This pilot study focused on how young adults and older people use online technologies and relate their identities to them and how if they are not users they view the technologies and their possible relevance (or irrelevance) to their everyday lives and interests.

The purpose of the research was to explore varied relationships (or lack of them) to online technologies, and the bases for these relationships in identity and digital literacy terms.

Through mixed methods of interviews, online diaries and podcasts and videocasts made by the participants, the research was aimed at collecting a rich mix of data identifying some key themes that could be explored in more depth through a larger research project.

The underlying approach was one bringing social and technical issues and questions into relationship, recognizing that an inclusive digital economy will require deeper understanding of the wide range of ways people do or do not relate to the technologies or the opportunities or possibilities they open up.

The project looked at the lived contexts for the new technologies and its aims included improving bottom-up understanding of the dynamics of digital economy and the links between identity and digital literacy.
Effective start/end date1/08/1131/03/14


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