DV Mission 48 hour film festival performance

Project Details


Large scale performance in collaboration with film festival. This performance involved dance, masks, puppetry and live music. The choreography was developed by Phoebe Ranger The music was improvised experimental music with Theramin and Kaos pads. The puppetry involved a giant 4 meter high robot and the masks representaed robots. Practice research exploring the power of puppetry, experimental music and masks.

Layperson's description

A large scale performance at a film awards evening exploring the use of dance, puppetry, masks and experimental music.

Key findings

Theatre and experiemental music can enhance and provide a powerful environment for a fim festival award evening context.
Short titlefilm festival performance
Effective start/end date12/02/201/04/20


  • KEF
  • puppetry
  • dance
  • masks
  • experimental music


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