Efficacy and prospects of Digital Healthcare in Ukraine during and post-conflict

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The project maps with the priority vertical of ‘digital health’. One of the major issues in a conflict setting such as Ukraine is citizen access to healthcare. During and post-war, the government of Ukraine will not only be dealing with the lack of healthcare infrastructure but also the professionals. It has been argued that war increases the overall healthcare cost as it affects the physical and mental health of those directly exposed to the conflict (Sabes-Figuera et al., 2012). To mitigate this cost, digital healthcare provides a risk-free and cost-effective alternative. Digital healthcare initiatives such as mHealth and telehealth are relatively low-resource platforms and can support awareness and outreach (Asi & Williams, 2018). According to the proponents of digital healthcare, it helps in reducing the healthcare expenditures (Rahimi, 2019). In a nutshell, the diffusive nature of digital healthcare tools can not only benefit individuals living in conflict-affected areas (Asi & Williams, 2018) such as Ukraine, it can also contribute towards the economic development of the country.
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23