eHealth Standards and Profiles in Action for Europe and Beyond - Deliverable ED2.2

  • Scott, Philip (PI)

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eStandards project is based on a community of SDOs, stakeholders and centres of competences and is supported by the eHealth Network, ISO TC215, GS1, IHTSDO, IEEE11073, and IMIA to advance eHealth interoperability and global alignment of standards with seven objectives:
1. Join up with Stakeholders in Europe and globally to build consensus on eHealth standards, accelerate knowledge-sharing, and promote wide adoption of standards.
2. Deliver an evidence-based Roadmap for alignment, iterative consolidation, and broad acceptance of eStandards that is endorsed by SDOs, the eHealth Network, the providers, and the Industry.
3. Contribute to the eHealth Interoperability Framework use cases focusing on clinical content modelling for different paradigms and embed a Quality Management System for interoperability testing and certification of eHealth systems.
4. Collect evidence and provide guidance on the coexistence of competing or overlapping standards in large-scale eHealth deployment nationally and cross-border.
5. Participate in EU/US MoU roadmap actions as the international patient summaries standard.
6. Explore socio-economic aspects of eHealth interoperability, revisiting the language for user-vendor interaction that embodies ‘co-making’ in trust, collaboration and long-term engagement.
7. Align across PHC-34 to nurture innovation, sustainability & growth under CEF and beyond contributing to Key actions of the Digital Agenda 2020.

Key findings

This deliverable, building on evidence based and emerging best practice, presents a generic guideline for how to develop the appropriate clinical content
specifications for any example EIF use case. It draws on and consolidates clinical
content development practices across several standards, profiling and
specification development organisations. It builds on prior work undertaken by the SemanticHealthNet and EXPAND (EC) projects, takes on board experiences
recently gained in the development of clinical models based on the IDMP suite of
standards, and on the approach developed by NICTIZ in the Netherlands for
designing clinical building blocks.

This consolidated best practice guidance presents a generic and comprehensive
process for specifying clinical content, as a prerequisite for interoperability. This
deliverable aims to guide standards bodies and other specification development
groups such as professional medical societies on how to develop new areas of
clinical (EHR) content. This includes guidance on how such professional bodies can examine the content within existing non-harmonised standards in order to agree on their common areas of clinical content.

Clinical content should normally be related closely to the clinical care process that is being followed for each patient, and this deliverable therefore summarises the recently revised international standard for continuity of care, EN ISO 13940, and indicates how clinical content specifications may be related to it.
Short titleeStandards
Effective start/end date1/05/1530/04/17


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