EPSRC Project concerning the application of model based quality control in volume manufacturing

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    EPSRC Standard Research Award Reference: GR/F69345/01 - The application of model based quality control in volume manufacturing. Value of award = £113,359. Total project value (money spent) = £117,000.

    Key findings

    Automatic robot path planning with constraints.
    DC motor servo.
    Selection of via points for manipulator paths using simple models of machinery dynamics.
    Real time automatic path planning.
    Computer based training.
    Automatic test, diagnostic and control system based on a PC.
    A joint space technique for real time robot path planning.
    Automatic motion planning within a manufacturing system.
    Requirement for integrated and systems engineers in a complex and flexible future.
    Application of model-based quality control in volume manufacturing.
    Statistical modelling for design and process simulation.
    Product orientated manufacturing.
    Geometric modelling for real time flight simulator applications.
    A transputer based laser scanning system.
    Practical application of advanced statistical techniques for computer-based quality control.
    Short titleEPSRC Reference: GR/F69345/01
    Effective start/end date15/06/8914/06/92


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