EPSRC TCD Project concerning design and manufacture for rehabilitation and mobility

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    EPSRC supported TCS with Quest Enabling Designs Ltd to design new powered wheelchairs and investigate their analogue control.

    Layperson's description

    Design and analogue control of powered wheelchairs

    Key findings

    Modification of a wheelchair trajectory by the integration of ultrasonic sensor data.
    Task programming applied to powered wheelchairs.
    Improvements in real time high level micro computer control of a wheelchair using sensor systems.
    Wall following for powered wheelchairs.
    Assisting a disabled person in navigating an electric wheelchair through a doorway.
    The Fortress 770 Powerbase: an integrated system for high level quadriplegics.
    Introduction to powered vehicles for disabled persons.
    Navigational assistance for disabled wheelchair-users.
    A data fusion algorithm for wheelchair navigation.
    Computer systems and strategies to assist a disabled person in navigating a powered wheelchair through a doorway.
    Navigational assistance using short term memory.
    Low cost navigational assistance for wheelchair user.
    New powered wheelchair systems for the rehabilitation of some severely disabled users.
    Short titleGR/K43001/01
    Effective start/end date1/04/9531/03/98


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