Establishing and Connecting the Communities of Tyneham Village

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Tyenham village presents an exemplary site to operate a co-creation approach to research and offers an opportunity to engage different communities in revealing new perspectives of the village (its past and its contemporary site); to capture hidden narratives and local knowledge of the site; to respond to the site’s historic, archaeological and ecological qualities, and to preserve its history through documentation.

Therefore, this fund is meant to support the researchers to collaborate with MOD in exploring and connecting different communities related to the site and bringing them together to explore the potential of the site and possible large-scale, collaborative research and educational projects that could be launched as part of telling the site stories and heritage narratives in an inclusive way. The fund will support the team to:

1- Invite academics from different disciplines to visit the site and its related cultural and heritage institutions and explore with them possible small and large scale research projects.

2- Identify other local stakeholders who may be interested in participating in future research and co-creation activities; for example, local artists, schools and colleges, relatives of former residents, and Friends of Tyneham.

3- Invite key identified communities to a full day workshop on the site to a) create a network of interested parties; b) discuss the different challenges and opportunities of the site; c) carry out some interactive/creative exercises within the site to stimulate ideas, and d) run a focus group to outline potential research and educational projects with feasible timelines.
Effective start/end date1/02/2231/07/22


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