Evaluation of furfurylated wood for use in the marine environment

  • Cragg, Simon (CoI)
  • Westin, Mats (CoI)
  • Lande, Stig (PI)
  • Rapp, Andreas (CoI)
  • Brelid, P Larsson (CoI)
  • Thygesen, Lisbeth (CoI)

Project Details


Novel laboratory and field assessment of new sustainable and environmentally benign treatments for wood for marine construction

Layman's description

A new method of treating wood for use in the marine environment is being evaluated in this project.
Short titleMarine Polywood
Effective start/end date1/10/132/10/17
  • Laboratory and marine trials of resistance of furfurylated wood to marine borers

    Slevin, C. R., Westin, M., Lande, S. & Cragg, S., Oct 2015, Proceedings of the eighth European conference on wood modification . Hughes, M., Rautkari, L., Uimonen, T., Militz, H. & Junge, B. (eds.). Aalto University, p. 464-471 8 p.

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