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The Family Stories research found that parents were overwhelmingly negative about their children’s schools, reporting overwhelming numbers of texts received throughout the school day informing them of their children’s misdemeanours. They reported this made them feel judged and intimidated. However, stressors on schools in coping with children with very complex needs is well documented, pertaining to sky-high thresholds of specialist services, resulting in high stress environments for teaching and pastoral staff (Baginsky et al, 2019; Maynard et al, 2016). This TRIF money will therefore focus on schools’ and early years settings’ experience, questioning: What barriers and enablers do schools identity in working with complex families?

This is a qualitative research project. Participants will be recruited through social media forums and our own contacts in the sector, and the participant group is expected to reach across the UK. Costings are based on around 20-25 interviews which will be conducted over Zoom for both convenience and covid-19 restrictions. TRIF funds will also support networking establish test sites for the Family Stories model.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/07/21


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