Future Fantasteek! In Motion

Project Details


This project is funded by a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from The Arts Council UK. The project is called Future Fantasteek! in Motion and will run between Aug 2021 and Feb 2022

Layperson's description

I want to explore the space between animation and the still-image on the printed zine, to develop aspects of motion, digitally and through AR. I propose digital interventions in sound, animation & sequence to make the unfolding of pages (real & virtual) a multi-layered experience.
This grant provides dedicated time to learn to record, edit and place sound/image in harmony so that I can enhance the experience when viewing zines online and in-print using AR. I see this as mixing elements in unexpected ways that will be an exciting step-change in my practice.
Effective start/end date31/08/2128/02/22


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