Gender equality and inclusion: Empowering women to foster a more inclusive and resilient EU

Project Details


The proposed project will trace current limitations to girls’ and women’s political, economic, social and cultural power of definition (or: articulation power) – or, when approaching it from the other angle: the existence of difficult-to-penetrate strongholds of power in these fields, occupied by gendered privileged groups. It will on the one hand investigate the main obstacles hampering access, while on the other hand identifying and crafting possible solutions to it that are capable of achieving long-term transformation. Our main research question is:

What excluding mechanisms are at play in societies’ core decision-making structures (e.g. early socialization, education, work, law (enforcement), politics, representation/ media), and how can strongholds of power within these fields be made (more) accessible for diversely positioned girls and women on the institutional, empirical and symbolical level, particularly in times of crisis?

UP will be leading Work Package 4 (Work, Remuneration and Property) and contribute to Work Package 2 (Decision Making).
Effective start/end date1/04/2331/03/26