Geological Characterisation of Hardened Chalk - Aker BP

  • Koor, Nick (PI)

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Aker BP has engaged the University of Portsmouth to carry out a study into the nature, lateral and vertical extent, causes of, and predictability of hardening in levels of the Valhall and Hod Chalk reservoir and where these hardening levels are fractured (fractured hard grounds). The fractured hard grounds give rise to significantly increased production by fracture flow but also cause problems for drilling and production/injection because they set up large pressure differentials and short circuit injected water. The precise relationship between fracture development and lithology is therefore crucial.
We are currently running a scoping study to synthesise the current understanding of the current knowledge on hardened Chalk and identify the possible avenues of research required to answer the geological question posed above.

Layperson's description

Chalk is a soft rock but can contain much harder/stronger layers. In the North Sea the Chalk is the main oil reservoir. These hard layers within the Chalk cause problems with drilling and production. The formation and distribution of the hard layers is not well understood and therefore this project will attempt to understand this with the aim to help Aker BP in well drilling and oil production.

Key findings

Scoping Study is ongoing - no findings as of yet.
Short titleHardened Chalk
Effective start/end date1/03/1831/08/18


  • Chalk
  • Hardened
  • Valhall
  • Hod


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