Green Heritage: Visiting and Re-Visiting British Gardens and Country Estates, 1600-2019

  • Paice, Rosamund (PI)
  • Chatel, Laurent (CoI)

Project Details


French Embassy funding secured by Rosamund Paice and Laurent Chatel (University of Lille) for a 2-day seed meeting at the French Embassy in London. The meeting will establish a consortium of historians, literary scholars, landscape architects, conservationists and heritage providers, that includes leading figures in the field of country house studies, as well as scholars who bring expertise from the complementary fields of ecocriticism and friendship studies.

As a consortium we will develop a series of collaborations and publications that will blend the historical perception of place visiting with the present-day reception and use of garden and country house tourism. We will demonstrate the usefulness of multidisciplinary approaches to past, present, and possible future directions for public engagement with both cultural and “green” heritage. Through our focus on the country house estate, we will advance understandings of physical and intangible cultural heritage, proposing and testing new ways in which modern visitors can connect with not only the surviving physical remains of past human activity, but also “lost” heritage.

The themes to be explored will be:
•Visiting and Being Visited
•Survival and Sustainability
•Remembering and Re-Membering
•Edens and Eco-communities
Effective start/end date29/11/1930/06/20


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