Healing by Nature: Implementation of Biophilic Design Model for the Post-Disaster School Reconstruction

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The project explored the possibility for innovative school design models based on biophilic design principles as a means to promote healing by promoting children's connectedness to nature. The project brought together a collaborative network of (multi-disciplinary) academic partners from UK, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. I have been the Co-PI for this project- working with the PI to plan the data collections in three countries (obtaining ethical permission from ADH, DMU), arranging online meetings with the collaborators and planning two other symposiums (related to post-disaster school design and children’s well-being) hosted by UI. I also organised two symposiums (1 and 2) at DMU related to biophilic design of schools for this project.
Short titleHealing by Nature
Effective start/end date30/03/2031/08/21


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