How can the integration of natural dye processes enhance the longevity of upcycled garments, and what are the benefits of this sustainable approach?

Project Details


Idea - To explore the performance of natural dye/printing techniques that could increase garment life. Evaluate any changes in the garment during and after use that influence the participant to discard. The aim is to understand how much this process can extend garment life.

Over a time period of 12 months participants will document laundry processes for upcycled t-shirts. This will be coupled with face to face interviews every 3 months to capture a personal narrative and usage of the garment.

Key findings

This is a pilot project for a wider research project in the future.
Short titleNatural Dye processes for extending garment life
Effective start/end date22/01/2422/02/25


  • natural dye
  • sustainability practice
  • fashion education
  • regenerative design
  • circular fashion
  • upcycling
  • design process