How We Evolved From Lego

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It seems that within the space of a generation we have all been expected to embrace a fundamentally different 'reality'. No longer are our experiences grounded in the physical world, but we operate in an uncertain liminal state between the physical and the virtual.

Often neither of these realities are comfortable or even familiar and this work attempts to explore this timely dilemma.

I aim to questions what it means to be human in a post-digital environment. The project seeks to explore the labour of the digital, and the simulated image, examining, too, its structure and materiality, and the nature of human and non-human perception, and our propensity to privilege the analogue and traditional.

'How We Evolved from Lego' considers the notion that specifically, computer generated imagery (CGI), and the associated apparatus of the virtual camera,- studio and dissemination methods, is a new 'photography that is ideally situated to explore how we engage with our environment, and indeed, how recent changing definitions of the medium itself and the associated picture-making technologies, can act as a metaphor for how, in the space of a generation, been forced to migrate to at least, a partial online existence.

The images attempt to question whether a medium specific exploration of simulated, algorithmically generated CGI can be a useful addition to the traditional modernist critique of photography and how this can be contextualised within the wider canon of art history.
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  • How we evolved from lego

    Kolker, R., 1 May 2019, Source: Thinking Through Photography, 97, p. 30-39.

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