Inclusive and Frugal Innovation System for Military Technologies and Needs in Ukraine

Project Details


This project corresponds with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Research Priorities (2022-26) (No.1. Research of issues relating to public policy development and its implementation in education, science, innovation and technology. Prognosis of technological and innovation development). Inclusive innovation systems involve the participation of a diverse range of stakeholders, including government, academia, industry, and civil society, in the innovation process. Frugal innovations involve the development of products and services that are simple, affordable, and scalable, with a focus on meeting the needs of underserved markets. The aim of this project is to establish a new model for inclusive and frugal innovations for military technologies in Ukraine. This project has the potential to promote the economic development and welfare of the country in several ways. First, the project aims to enhance the innovation capabilities of the Ukrainian military, which will enable the country to develop new technologies and solutions to address its defence needs. This can help Ukraine with its national security needs and eventually stabilize the economy. Second, this work can lead to more efficient and effective use of resources. Finally, the developed framework will be transferable to other innovation conditions and can be used for post-war innovation activities.
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23