Inclusive business models for improving socio-economic support and reducing social vulnerability

Project Details


Our proposed research project is directly and primarily relevant to the development challenges in Ukraine. The research project complies with the Ministry of Education and Science Research Priorities (2022-26) (Priority No. 5. Socio-economic support of human potential development and decrease of social vulnerability of citizens).

The study aims to provide insights into how the military conflict in Ukraine affected the readiness of SMEs in Ukraine to adopt social entrepreneurship and inclusive business models, based on the UK experience. These models focus on achieving a social and/or environmental mission, along with generating profit which can be beneficial for the socio-economic support of the development of human potential and reduction of the level of social vulnerability of the population.

Our study has the potential to develop new policies, training programs for SMEs, and strategies to support small businesses, create job opportunities, increase economic growth, and reduce social vulnerability, promoting a more sustainable and inclusive economy in both countries. Strategies developed will support small businesses and policymakers in the creation of new job opportunities, increase in economic growth, and a reduction in social vulnerability. The focus on balancing social and environmental missions with profit generation could have benefits for UK businesses and stakeholders.
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23