Inequalities in Access to Health Care in Brazil and India: Closing the Gap for the Poorest-poor

  • Padmadas, Sabu S. (PI)
  • Pallikadavath, Sasee (CoI)
  • Singh, Abhishek (CoI)
  • Channon, Andrew Amos (CoI)
  • Machado, Carla J (CoI)
  • Matthews, Zoe (CoI)
  • Leone, Tiziana (CoI)
  • Rios Neto, Eduardo L. G. (CoI)
  • Subaiya, Lekha (CoI)
  • Amaral, Ernesto Friedrich (CoI)
  • Caetano, Andre Junqueira (CoI)
  • Mishra, Udaya S. (CoI)
  • Evandrou, Maria (CoI)


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Social Sciences