International University-Industry Partnership: promoting world-class healthcare through technology transfer

Project Details


The main aim of this proposal is to promote the development of world-class healthcare devices and technologies through the existing partnerships between the UK and Malaysia lead applicants, with active engagement of the industry and other collaborating partners.

Key findings

• provide a platform to share experience and capacity development of technology transfer in the field of healthcare engineering, among the collaborating partners and the wider community,
• develop a challenge-led interdisciplinary technology transfer project, in the specific area of “healthcare technology for the older people”, utilising the strength of the participating partners,
• strengthen the links with the local industrial partners, enhancing the mutual trust and aligning the visions of the academic and industrial partners,
• address the economic, legal, government and social issues related to the development of technology transfer, focusing on the global challenges as set out by the “Industrial Strategy” of the UK government, and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR), and
• provide the pump-priming work required to seek for future funding to sustain the technology transfer activities.
Effective start/end date1/08/191/08/20


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