Investigating timing of gold mineralisation along strategic faults in the Yukon, Arctic Cordillera

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    Sustainable natural resource identification, development, and management are critical for both the livelihood of northerners and the responsible preservation of Arctic environments. Northern resource development and land management are therefore key priorities for Arctic research strategies. The tectonic and metallogenic framework of Arctic regions such as Yukon remains poorly understood because of limited previous research, infrastructure, climate considerations and the high cost of exploration. Geological mapping for resource exploration, tectonic modelling, and land management is a key priority for the Yukon Geological Survey (YGS). U-Pb calcite dating is an exciting new tool for providing timing constraints for mineralisation in Yukon. Proof-of-concept results from a 2018 NERC-Arctic-Office-funded project have demonstrated the power of this technique for understanding timing of mineralisation in the area and opened opportunities for new collaborations with YGS and Triumph Gold Corp. This project will foster new UK research engagement in porphyry copper-gold mineralisation systems in Yukon. Mottram’s expertise complements YGS strengths in geological mapping and metallogenetic studies, while Triumph Gold will provide Mottram with access to samples and support. The results of this innovative project will improve mineralisation models for this Arctic region, reducing exploration uncertainty and therefore potential risks for the environment and local communities.
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    • Natural Environment Research Council: £1,950.00
    • Natural Environment Research Council: £9,995.00


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