Investigation of possible detrimental effects of metal implants in patients being treated with iontophoresis

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Iontophoesis is a treatment, used in the NHS Dermatology Department, St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth, for patients suffering with excessive sweating, mainly on the hands, but also on the feet and underarms. For treating the hands, patients place each hand in a polythene tray containing tap water for approx. 30 mins during which a potential (typically < 15 V) is applied. Since the technique provides fairly short term relief, repeated treatments are required, often with the patient purchasing their own equipment. The manufacturer recommends that patients with metal implants should not use the equipment. This project will investigate the effect of placing various metal implant materials (stainless steel, titanium and copper) within the system and assessing any negative responses. The project will open the way for patients with metal implants not to be denied this form of therapy.
Effective start/end date1/07/18 → …


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