Lifeline: Visualising Migrations, Transitions and Trajectories

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The aim of the LifeLine project was to explore methods for visualising event history data in the social sciences. The most obvious example of event histories are simply the lives of people and we were particularly interested in records of migration and the use of welfare systems. Partly because such information about individuals who are still alive is covered by the Data Protection Act, our most detailed examples concern members of the Steam Engine Makers' Society (SEM), a 19th century trade union.

This was part of the Graphics, Visualisation and the Social Sciences initiative from the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics, with financial support from the ESRC and JISC.

[This information was originally published as a mini website. Due to changes in hosting arrangements keeping this format was no longer possible. Instead the information was converted into static PDFs as far as possible and collated as a single dataset within the University of Portsmouth's Institutional repository.]
Short titleLifeLine
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/98


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