MA Conservation Architecture Exploration in Gosport

Project Details


Conservation students will produce conservation analysis and adaptive reuse and conservation intervention design strategies to revitalise case studies in Gosport. The project will facilitate the communication of MA Conservation Architecture students work in Gosport to local community through an exhibition of the work during the summer. The Work will be framed into an exhibition (light weight exhibition panels) to be exhibited in one of the buildings in the High Street.

The project will run and exhibit the MA Conservation Architecture Competition. This one-week competition will be dedicated to explore the revitalisation of the Gosport High Street. Students from different levels in the school of Architecture will be invited to participate and work in groups and will be asked to work on an urban/landscape and architectural scale to revitalise the high street with architectural and urban interventions informed by historic and social analysis of the area, the high street and the city in order to build a socially accepted and culturally routed narrative through the revitalisations and the new uses.
Effective start/end date20/01/2231/08/22


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