Mapping the information entropy spectrum of genomes

Project Details


GENIES is a computer program developed to facilitate the study of genome sequences in a comparative way using the information entropy. The program can analyse genomes of any size by converting the genetic information contained in a given genome into a numerical Information Entropy Spectrum. This procedure is done for two genomes of the same size, one being a reference genome and the other being its mutated version. The program allows fast detection of base point mutations from the Information Entropy Spectra. Most importantly, the program could be used to research and identify predictive algorithms of future genetic mutations.

Layman's description

A mathematical - Information Theory method applied to the study of genetic sequences.

Key findings

Mutations detections in genomes including Covid-19 RNA and development of predictive algorithms of future genetic mutations.
Effective start/end date1/05/20 → …


  • Information theory
  • bio-informatics
  • Genetics research
  • COVID-19
  • physics of information
  • Information entropy