Project Details


The main goal of Marine SABRES is to co-design, co-produce, and co-deliver a straightforward Social-Ecological Systems framework (simple SES) to analyse, understand and solve marine environmental management problems in simple situations in which there are few activities and which are ideal for demonstrating systems approaches. In this, Marine SABRES will demonstrate bespoke interventions for the restoration and of protection of coastal and marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. Following this application of these approaches within three relatively simple systems located within a set of Demonstration Areas (DA), Marine SABRES will then create guidelines for upscaling the ‘simple SES’ to more complex areas to ensure both the resistance and resilience of marine ecosystems and sustainability of the social systems that depend on them. This overall aim is supported by a series of 7 work packages (WP) with specific, time-bound, measurable and verifiable objectives (O). Those work packages will be incorporate a setoff cross-cutting themes which will be applied at each DA.
Effective start/end date7/09/227/09/26