Mental Health in Childhood and Education (MICE) Hub

  • Sims-Schouten, Wendy (PI)
  • Maynard, Emma (CoI)
  • Hamilton, Sukh (CoI)
  • Sherwood, Gina (CoI)
  • Gorczynski, Paul (CoI)
  • Wilson, Clare (CoI)
  • Heard-Laureote, Karen (CoI)

Project Details


The MICE hub is established to promote research and projects in the field of mental health in childhood/education. The Hub brings together researchers across the University of Portsmouth and beyond with a specific interest in this highly topical and constantly developing area - from play therapy and wellbeing in early years, to bullying in schools, wellbeing of care leavers and mental health literacy in HE.

As a central site for research around mental health in childhood/education, the hub promotes our ongoing research projects and highlight the research in which members are already engaged in; enable greater internal and external networking and research collaboration, as well engage with local, national and international partners.
Effective start/end date1/01/1729/12/17


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