Multicultural City Pavilion: Placemaking and Temporary Use of Public Space

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The project is part of the researcher PhD investigation. The project investigated how tactical small to medium-sized co-designed interventions in public spaces can be instrumental for the positive transformation of public life in contemporary cities. The project facilitated an understanding of how the collective activity of creating a temporary public installation can enable local communities to shape public space through action, use this space for aggregation and in so doing develop a sense of belonging, attachment and enhanced participation in wider urban life. It did so through the construction of a temporary pavilion in a currently neglected space between Winston Churchill Avenue and Guildhall Walk. The pavilion was co-designed and created through collective construction workshops involving members of the Chat Over Chai alongside architecture students of the University of Portsmouth.
Short titleMulticultural City Pavilion
Effective start/end date1/04/191/11/21


  • Portsmouth City Council: £5,274.00


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