Multiphoton Quantum Sensing and Information Processing

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The overall field of quantum metrology and quantum information science has reached an enormous progress establishing a quantum era where practical applications in quantum information networks, navigation, high precision sensing and imaging for military, security and biomedical applications.

A crucial step towards such a desired quantum technological revolution is to achieve a quantum advantage in quantum information processing and high precision measurements with respect to current schemes. In particular, multi-photon interference is one of the most intriguing quantum phenomena at the very heart of quantum computing and sensing applications, including the implementation of boson sampling schemes and the ability to measure physical parameters with higher and higher precision.

The overarching goal of this project is to introduce a completely innovative versatile platform for multiphoton quantum information processing and sensing by exploiting:

- Easily accessible photonic sources, such as heralded spontaneous parametric down conversion, and thermal light;
- The full quantum information available in the given photonic system, including their inner-mode degrees of freedom (time, position, frequency, transverse momentum, etc.).

Such an approach can enable access to the full computational and metrological power of multi-photon interference beyond any classical capability.

This can pave the way to new technologies based on multiphoton interference for quantum information processing, communication, and high-precision sensing as well as to a deeper understanding of its role at the interface between quantum optics, quantum metrological and quantum computational advantage.

This project was funded from the US AFOSR.
Effective start/end date15/05/2314/10/26