Near & Far World Book Collection @ UoP Reading Project 2

  • Knight, Karenanne (PI)

Project Details


A four week Saturday morning reading project involving staff and students reading the books from the NFWB Collection to refugee and migrant families and their children where English is not their first language. Students will read to children but also mentor older children in the families to read to the younger children. Families were able to take out membership of the library to facilitate further reading opportunities and bring the community into the university.

Key findings

An excellent project:

1. Students built up relationships with families and children and were able to develop reading skills - some students were international students

2. Children improved their ability to both speak and read English

3. Families were able to enrol in a university library

4. Reading, writing and drawing skills were developed
Short titleNFWB Reading Project 2
Effective start/end date8/10/2229/10/22


  • NFWB; Library; Reading; Books; Illustration


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