Novel Portable Airway Suction Device with Anti-Viral Coating. Multiple Sector Applications

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"This is a revised and expanded proposal regarding the design and manufacture of a Laryngeal Suction Device used to remove blockage of airways in emergency situation. Two different versions of the device will be refined via a design optimisation and extensively experimental testing with preliminary prototype. More specifically 1) ‘The sports bottle’ – Re-Useable, gas powered venturi suction. TRL 5/6; 2) ‘The compact disposable’ – Utilises user’s breath to fill a bag that is then
squeezed to produce positive pressure. This drives the venturi pipe. The
collection bag is foldable until required. A non-return valve version for
Battlefield Medics is possible too. TRL 3/4 "
Short titleAirway Suction Device
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/06/21


  • Innovate UK: £63,732.00


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