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A contract to deliver our existing MSc Educational Leadership and Management and Senior Leadership degree apprenticeship as an outreach programme to a group of schools in Suffolk - the lead school is Hartismere. The government give us an amount per student. The school approached Emma Maynard directly. Emma and colleague Richard Poole developed the relationship with the school to this point. There could potentially be more people joining, but 6 is the commitment so far. Emma et al will be going to Suffolk to deliver one of the modules and the rest is distance learning. Alongside this, the main contact, Louise Clifford, explained they want to become more effective at researching, and using research, but lack the skills to do so to the level they aspire to. Therefore they are commissioning Emma to develop a Research in Schools forum as a sister project to the MSc/DA, but to include others as well (not just the student group). This will enable our Suffolk group of MSc students to have a way of developing practice impact from their MSc research projects, and will also identify local needs and research projects in response to those need. We are being commissioned to develop this with them over 2 years, and then hand it back to them to develop. A moodle page for the forum will also be established.

This work stands under KEF for the Forum as it is both creating employability impact for students, and knowledge exchange to develop practice impact from research in partnership, rather than as a transaction. The outreach course delivery is educational innovation.

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Outreach of Degree Apprenticeship - Hartismere schools. Contract for local delivery of teaching in a consortium led by Hartismere School, Suffolk
Effective start/end date4/10/214/10/23


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