Pathway to Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

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This project will develop a cloud based software model for its tyre data monitoring system on commercial vehicles, trailers and PSV's that will offer accurate predictions of tyre and mechanical issues by using real time data from the installed hardware. Tyre data from each vehicle will be linked with satellite communications and intelligent decision making to provide drivers, fleet managers, and tyre service providers with a real time system to prevent unnecessary downtime, such as roadside breakdowns and improve efficiencies in vehicle and tyre management. Tyres have a significant impact on vehicle safety, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Damaged tyres can cost fleet operators tens of thousands of pounds in repair costs, wasted fuel and fines from late deliveries. In response to this, Tructyre, a Hampshire based SME, has gathered together a strong consortium of companies and academic partners to develop predictive software with an automated data exchange capability between vehicle, fleet operator and tyre service provider.

Layperson's description

It is a tool that predicts when tyres are at risk of extreme wear so as to minimise the risk of a puncture that could cause an accident.

Key findings

A cloud based platform was developed and commercialised by the lead partner ( The platform won the Carmen Safety award in 2020 and was shortlisted for the Motor Transport Awards in 2021.
Effective start/end date1/05/1630/04/18


  • Innovate UK: £263,733.00


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