Project Details


Peony is a moving image work lasting 6hrs 42minutes. It consists of a single, static and continuous view of a Peony plant in flower, recorded onto VHS tape, using a domestic camcorder. The piece is designed to provide a meditation on the passing of time in relation to objects and on the act of filming itself. Standard VHS is used here as a form of Brechtian device which, on account of its relatively low quality, never allows an illusion of reality to become convincing or complete. It is intended that, through prolonged viewing, the obvious disparities between representation and reality, become accepted as a given form of aesthetic abstraction; a thing in itself.

Layperson's description

A single take VHS video work depicting a flower in real time over the course of 6hrs 42minutes.
Effective start/end date15/04/2020/05/20


  • Structuralist, Moving Image, Durational, Brechtian