Perspectives on Brexit

  • Kiousi, Dimitra (Research Leader)
  • Kaye, Mark (Research Leader)
  • Emms, Sally (Team Member)
  • Iorga, Lucia-Mihaela (Team Member)
  • Clarke, Gary (Team Member)
  • Santoro, Elisa (Team Member)
  • Augé, Luca (Team Member)

Project Details


POB is a PhD-led initiative founded by PhD researchers based at the University of Portsmouth in December 2022. Our network provides a unique interdisciplinary space for researchers to discover and explore thematic synergies that go beyond the mere traditional ‘spaces’ and emphasises the production of transboundary scientific knowledge. To that end, we seek to engage with enthusiastic individuals and emerging experts who share an avid interest in producing cutting-edge knowledge that would allow for exploring conceptual and methodological links across different academic disciplines and thematic areas.

Layperson's description

POB brings together emerging PhD researchers from different, yet interdisciplinary, national, and cultural backgrounds who share an avid passion:

A) to further promote and deepen knowledge of a wide range of Brexit-related topics across diverse academic fields.
B) to foster cross-collaborative research amongst emerging scholars and experts working on Brexit both in the UK but also transnationally.

Key findings

Main Activities of the POB Group can be summarised here as:

a) Monthly Reading Group (active)
b) Round-table Events (active)

Future activities and goals
a) discussion line-up series
b) limited podcast episodes
c) Brexit newsletter
d) POB's conference presence
Effective start/end date1/11/22 → …


  • Brexit
  • Research
  • interdisciplinary
  • transnationalism