Portsmouth City Council-Public Health Transformation Fund. Improving Oral Health of People in Portsmouth.

Project Details


The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy (UPDA) has a longstanding relationship with the Local Authority and Community within the city of Portsmouth. UPDA Dental Care Professional (DCP) staff and students provide comprehensive primary dental care services and actively engage in outreach activities such as preventative and educational interventions focused on vulnerable groups including, children, elderly and other underserved populations.

This project aims to improve oral health in Portsmouth by increasing access to oral health education, promotion and prevention and improving access to dental care. The project is organised into two workstreams:

- Workstream 1: Improving oral health of early years children in Portsmouth-The Brush UP and Smiles Programme

- Workstream 2: Introducing digital technologies to enhance the delivery of health and oral health care in the Portsmouth community
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/08/24