Printers' Symphony

  • Ariel, Dana (PI)
  • Morgan, Eleanor (CoI)
  • McKinlay, Julia (CoI)
  • Tate, Georgina (CoI)

Project Details


Printers' Symphony is a collaborative print group formed in 2013 between Dr Dana Ariel, Dr Julia McKinlay, Dr Eleanor Morgan and Georgina Tate.

We are four artists each working in different areas: photography, sculpture, performance, video, and drawing. Printmaking is the process that brings us together. In 2014 we were awarded a collaborative artists' bursary award from a-n The Artists' Information Company to convert four army bags into portable print studios. This enables us to take printmaking out of the workshop into the world.

We work with museums, galleries and institutions to reveal the hidden marks of printmaking: the fingerprints of visitors, the sounds of the etching press and the detritus of exhibitions. We have printed up a tree, at the beach, and on the Bank of England. Our projects are about the performance of printmaking as much as the prints themselves.

Our work has been exhibited and performed at the Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle; The Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham; The Royal Institute of British Architects, London; UCL Art Museum and the Slade Research Centre.
Effective start/end date1/01/1330/06/16


  • Printmaking
  • collaboration
  • artistic research
  • performance
  • site-specific