Probation Service Victim Notification Scheme - evaluation of a pilot project for the Ministry of Justice

Project Details


The project was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and is part of the Probation Reform Programme. The pilot extends the current Victim Contact Scheme to victims of stalking and harassment (and victims of other offences) whose offenders are sentenced to under 12 months. The pilot is known as the Victim Notification Scheme and has been piloted in six areas - Hampshire, Thames Valley, Northumbria, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The evaluation involved monitoring the processes being administered by Witness Care Units and Victim Liaison Units in the pilot areas. It included an analysis of offences and sentencing, monitoring the referral processes between the WCUs and VLUs, understanding victims' expectations and experiences, and working with specialist support services. The methods included an online victim survey, semi-structured interviews with victims and VLU staff, and focus groups with WCU staff and specialist support advocates. The evaluation process identified the importance of providing victims with accurate and timely information to reduce risks and improve safety. To support a successful rollout, the evaluation will inform a series of policy, operational and business choices.
Effective start/end date1/08/2211/12/23


  • Ministry of Justice: £78,669.00