Production of 4K Quality Short Films for The WW1 Remembrance Centre

  • Andrews, Martin (PI)
  • Watts, Charlie (Team Member)
  • Bown, Gary (Team Member)
  • French, Benjamin (Team Member)
  • Haskell, Charles (Team Member)
  • Toksvig, Alexander (Team Member)

Project Details


Production of 11 x 4K quality short films for The World War 1 Remembrance Centre in Hilsea, Portsmouth. Clients from The WW1 Remembrance Centre and staff from the University of Portsmouth Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries worked in collaboration with students from CCi TV to film and edit these short films. The films have since been used to support the teaching and learning of Level 5 BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design students as part of the 'Design: Adaptive Reuse' Module, which is a 'Live' architectural design project that works with a 'Real' Client Brief.
Short titleProduction of Short Films for The WW1 Remembrance Centre
Effective start/end date8/03/1711/10/17


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