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MPhil/PhD Studentship funded by Teledyne-Impulse-PDM.

This project is a part-time MPhil/PhD programme between Teledyne-Impulse PDM and University of Portsmouth, which commenced in Oct 2014. The project will investigate and develop methods for predicting the performance life of connector cable moulded (polymer-primer-metal) systems in the marine environment and to identify materials for their construction within industrial, commercial and legislative constraints, with the aim of providing a guaranteed life time of at least 35 years. The project will involve an extensive literature search, chemical and mechanical testing of polymers and polymer-primer-metal adhesive contacts using new and established methods developed from our former KTP (PDM Neptec) PhD collaborative programme, and marine environment exposure tests (raft, tanks, accelerated/salt spray). It is anticipated that the project will run for three years, rather than the standard four years, since the research project is in direct line with the candidate’s full time R&D work.
Effective start/end date1/10/141/06/19


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