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This project explores the quiet nuances of conflict through photography as manifested in the daily routines and ongoing presence of occupation. In visiting the West Bank, the Occupied Territories of Palestine, conflict presents itself in practices of violence and discrimination perpetuated by the construction of national, historical and political narratives. Conflict, in all its aspects, marks and shapes the encounter with the landscape. These encounters are imbued with subtle confrontations, with the ambiguity of local laws and restrictions, the exercise of power and the implications of gender and national identity. ‘Punctuated land’ alludes to the relationship between the landscape and language and how these inform and disrupt one another.

The land and the encounter become both the subject and means of inquiry, recording the traces of violence, erasure, displacement and occupation. The spatial and temporal encounter with these traces is indicative of ongoing conflict, such as in the case of asserting control and surveillance. Conflict as explored in this project also appears in the incidental - what grows in the meantime between abandoned structures and untamed landscapes.
Effective start/end date1/08/20 → …


  • conflict
  • photography
  • landscape
  • practice based
  • artistic practices


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