Puppet Psychogeographies: play as a participatory approach to urban futures

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This project brings together expertise in puppet interventions, playful geographies and co-creative architecture to interrogate the use of play as a participatory tool for urban design. It centres on a one-day Practice as Research (PaR) event for exploring urban living with the local community. Throughout the day the public – particularly, although not exclusively, families and children - will be invited to use a bespoke ‘city design toolkit’ to imagine what a future cityscape may look like. Playful construction will be punctuated by set time performances where puppet surrogates explore the imagined city provoking questions about the built environment and urban living. The event aims to:

· capture the public’s questions, concerns and thoughts about urban living;
· critically question the use of a play as a participatory tool for researching urban living;
· create an experimental space where disciplinary knowledges/practices around urban living are opened up to critical examination.

Working in this participatory, interdisciplinary manner enables us to ask critical questions about: the ‘playful turn’ across urban planning, policymaking and design; the extent to which participatory approaches can function as democratic tools and assumptions they make about the purpose of democratic process; the current direction of urban futures research.
Effective start/end date10/12/18 → …


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