Puppetry in the Face of War: A Study of Odessa Puppet Theatre

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In Odessa there is one of the oldest puppet theatres in the Ukraine and this theatre has continued to make performances and provide entertainment during the traumatic war that is ongoing. As part of its theatrical heritage Odessa has a long tradition of puppetry like many eastern European countries. The Odessa puppet theatre was formed in 1932 at a time of starvation and trauma for the population and it was able to survive the tumultuous history of the twentieth century. The way that the puppet theatre has survived as a vital source of culture in Odessa will be explored in this project using practice based methods, interviews and historical accounts. The question considered in relation to this history and context is; How can puppet theatre survive times of conflict and trauma as a valid artform for children and their families?
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23