Quantifying the contributions of numeracy skills and reasoning skills to real-world decision outcomes

  • Attridge, Nina (PI)
  • Morsanyi, Kinga (CoI)
  • Inglis, Matthew (CoI)
  • Pickering, Jayne (Team Member)

Project Details


Studying mathematics is argued to strengthen logical reasoning skills and improve real-world decision making. Mathematics encompasses many domains and skills, and it is not clear which of these is responsible for any improvement in real-world decision making. Numeracy and reasoning skills are core building blocks of mathematical competence, and this study aimed to see whether they each explain separate variance in decision making.

The study was completed in March 2024 and the manuscript is in preparation (to be submitted in summer 2024).

Key findings

Numeracy and reasoning skills each explained significant, independent variance in everyday decision outcomes after controlling for general intelligence.
Effective start/end date23/01/2330/08/24