Quantifying the sedimentation of ignimbrites: understanding the behavior of pyroclastic density currents through experimental modeling.

  • Rowley, Peter (CoI)
  • Williams, Rebecca (PI)
  • Parsons, Daniel (CoI)

    Project Details


    The principal objective of this project is to test the fundamental conceptual model upon which modern pyroclastic sedimentology is based. Pyroclastic Density Currents (PDCs) are aerated, have high pore pressures and are highly mobile, but existing models do not take this into account. Therefore when predicting where these currents may flow based on existing models, we risk being wrong. This project focuses on using novel laboratory modelling techniques to, for the first time, simulate sustained, polymict, semi-fluidised (aerated) currents over complex 2D and 3D topographies to investigate flow and deposition, and to compare the deposits created to outstanding real world examples. Fundamental understanding of the current processes which form different deposit features (e.g. bedforms) will be quantified for the first time allowing evidence-based interpretation of PDC deposits (ignimbrites).
    Effective start/end date1/10/1630/09/20


    • ignimbrite
    • pyroclastic density current
    • volcanology
    • experimental modelling
    • bedforms


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