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4Manufacturing® is a tool developed by industry specialists to help UK manufacturers, and particularly SMEs, understand and adopt industrial digital technologies. The tool, used in conjunction with face-to-face expert support is used to identify challenges currently faced by manufacturing businesses and ways in which these can be addressed by investment in and adoption of technology.

The EU-funded RCT4MANU project proposes the use of the randomised control trial (RCT) method to evaluate the effect of the 4Manufacturing® tool and expert support on SMEs. Investment in and adoption of industrial digital technologies and the resultant, short-term impact on the businesses will be measured and assessed in comparison with a control group of SMEs receiving no support.
The objective of the study is to build rigorous evidence for the value of this programme of 4Manufacturing® support, and to understand and demonstrate the value of RCTs as a powerful tool for future policy implementation evaluation.
Short titleRCT4MANU
Effective start/end date27/01/2031/08/22


  • Innovate UK: £16,599.00


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