Real-time data streaming of wearable devices for training simulations

  • Powell, Wendy (PI)
  • Powell, Vaughan (CoI)

Project Details


Technology readiness project evaluating the potential of a range of wearable technology for real-time data streaming and display during training

Layman's description

Looking at wearable devices and fitness trackers to see if we can use them to help see how trainees are performing

Key findings

Wearable tech varies widely in access to data outside the proprietary applications. Many wearables give no access to the data, and those that do often place significant restrictions such as limiting the number of data calls per hour, or delaying updates by seconds or minutes. Where devices do permit access to the data, this can be reliably visualised in real-time but rapidly becomes complex to view and interpret.
Short titleWearables in training
Effective start/end date1/12/1628/02/17


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