Regenerating Cities during Crisis: Culturally-Routed and sustainable strategies for Middle Eastern Cities

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The network aims to offer networking and educational activities concerning urban regeneration, a crucial working and research issue in Middle Eastern cities particularly after Syrian crisis which affected the Syrian cities as well as the cities in neighbouring countries (for example Jordan). The network aims to enhance urban regeneration knowledge in the area using input from both theoretical and practice platforms, and most importantly from the understanding of the cultural and heritage aspects the city possesses. Using the Live Project model of education and knowledge transfer, the network will emphasise how shared knowledge can be generated and exchanged, and demonstrate best practice through theoretical knowledge in an exacting and urgent context. The network intends to strengthen research collaboration between the participants and the partner universities to develop future research projects in response to the Global Challenges.
Working on a real case study (The City of Amman, for example), the network aims to test and propose a methodology that responds to the complex urban regeneration contexts by combining both practice and research inputs through academic presentations, research and interactive workshops. Also, it is concerned to enhance the capacity of postgraduate students, young architects and ECRs in this area of study, who will be responsible for developing this area of research and practice in their countries. In addition, the network proposes to invite local city councils and communities to the network activities and engage them with the new practice explored in the workshops, considering their crucial role in any urban development process. This is to ensure that the developing methodology will holistically encapsulate the interest of all parties involved in the process.
Effective start/end date1/04/2031/01/22


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