'Research should reflect what’s important to us’: Empowering care home residents to set the agenda for care homes research

  • Witcher, Chad (CoI)
  • Brown, Laura (PI)
  • Brown Wilson, Christine (CoI)
  • Bunn, Diane (CoI)
  • Jayes, Mark (CoI)
  • Gray, Rosalind (CoI)
  • Lopes, Nuno (CoI)

Project Details


Older adults living in care homes are some of the least empowered members of our society. As such, they lack opportunities to contribute to decisions about the priorities for future care homes research.

The aim of this project is to support, empower, and mobilise older care home residents to co-design appropriate methods for better involving care home residents in the research priority setting agenda. Our specific objectives are to:

1)Understand and document the barriers and enablers of involving care home residents in meaningful and informed discussions about future research priorities.

2)Co-design and disseminate an action plan for enabling a diverse range of care home residents to provide informed and meaningful input into conversations about future research priorities.

3)Prepare a collaborative research proposal (with care home residents as named collaborators) for a funded piece of follow-on work to implement and evaluate the action plan designed in this project.

To achieve these objectives, we will work with residents from two care homes to determine how residents could be more meaningfully involved in decisions about future care homes research. This will involve first working with residents to understand 1) how residents could be informed and educated about the methods and findings of existing research (i.e. how to increase residents’ research literacy), and 2) how residents could best be empowered and supported to share their views on which topics should be prioritised for future research. We will then work with the residents to co-produce an action plan for addressing these issues.
Effective start/end date1/04/242/06/25